1:1 Child

For children aged 2 – 10 a mixture of creative interventions, therapeutic play and behavioural observation will be amongst the skills provided by the therapist.

We may also identify areas where additional parenting support will be offered to enhance your confidence in dealing with your little one’s challenges.

Psychodynamic and developmental approaches

Psychodynamic counselling offers a model for understanding the human personality and how it develops our network of relationships, how we interact with others, how psychological problems may originate and the repetitive patterns that maintain them.

The therapist uses knowledge of personality development, of the inner and outer worlds of the child and adolescent, to understand behaviour and unconscious driving forces.

Therapeutic play has as its main objective the emotional well being of the child and is non-judgmental, non-directive and non-interpretive. The Therapeutic Specialist uses the medium of play and creative arts such as the sand tray with which the child may recreate their world.

This process enables the child to make sense of their world, to gain control of their emotions and to develop strategies to deal with situations in real life more appropriately.