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Accessing Counselling and Psychotherapy support, for General Wellbeing Issues to severe Mental Illness.

ASC are pleased to see that over the last few years public and government awareness has grown and now depression has become more recognised as a serious debilitating illness, rather than simply as an exaggeration of bad mood, a difficult phase or as a surge of hormones. At least 1 in 10 of us will experience symptoms of depression at some point in life. This suggests that approximately 6,564,000 people in the UK suffer from some symptom of depression or persistent low mood, for example; loss of confidence, motivation, a sense of meaninglessness and suicidal thoughts.

There are still many barriers in the UK which really prevent or challenge individuals suffering with mental illness in improving their situation and guiding young people to counselling support. Therefore many turn to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their concerns.

Whilst this can on the surface alleviate the sense of isolation that many feel when struggling with a mental health issue, it can mean that some advice might be misleading and potentially even make matters worse. In an effort to address this many Mental Health and Wellbeing Services are campaigning for mental illnesses to have the same funding as physical illnesses. ASC promote that there must be equal importance given to research for mental health as for physical illness in order that we continue to raise awareness.

ASC are confident that the tide in general attitudes toward accessing healthcare do seem to be turning, certainly in terms of physical illness, in that many people are taking responsibility for and actively investing in their physical health by accessing private treatments where they can (for a quicker, more efficient and specialised service). There has also been a growing recognition of the importance of the sense of wellbeing as a fundamental aspect of a healthy life, with many people prioritising staying well rather than waiting for a crisis to remind us of the validity of self care. After all we know that ‘prevention is better than cure’. ASC believe that you are the expert on you and with the right support you can go a long way to heal and recover yourself; after all even when you take medicine it’s your body that does the healing!