Our Aim and Purpose

At ASC we aim to provide the highest standards of care within a safe and positive
environment. We are passionate in supporting young people to achieve their maximum potential, to feel heard, valued and understood.

Our ethos is one of an holistic approach to health. We are committed to assimilating current research findings into our practice, even when this challenges our existing paradigms. In particular, we are influenced by the emerging cutting-edge science of Consciousness Studies. Where possible, ASC promotes a natural path to recovery, through interventions that support whole body wellbeing.

Our model of the human being acknowledges 5 areas of experience;

• Physiological
• Psychological
• Behavioural
• Emotional
• Spiritual

We are connected to a wide network of other professional bodies and provide training and information forums to other professional organisations. We specialise in supporting children aged 2-10, young people ages 11-25 – and we also provide family, adult and couples services..

“Come to the edge,” we said,
And they said, “We can’t, it’s too high!”
“Come to the edge,” we said,
And they said, “No! We will fall!”
“Come to the edge,” we said
And they very reluctantly came…
And we pushed them…and they flew…