ASD & Neurodiversity

From: £25 per hour/£17.50 per half hour

This new family support service for neuro-diversity is Person centred and individually tailored and therefore shaped to meet your personal requirements. Offering assistance over a range of different provisions including:

• signposting and linking to external networks
• mediation
• help in understanding your child’s difficulties
• developing personalised support and growth plans for all environments
• promoting positivity
• working with education and healthcare professionals
• assistance with accessing benefits

Social Group

The one thing that many young people lack is a safe social space to meet other people in similar positions to themselves and feel accepted for who they are. The Social Group meet once a fortnight to begin with, young people of any age can come together and just be themselves. From just sitting and talking to fun group activities and going on outings-this group can be whatever you want it to be. This group aims to be accessible to all.


Martyn Brown provides mental health and neuro-diversity consultancy to a range of professionals including schools, colleges, universities, medical professionals and counsellors. He can visit your institution or project and give expert advice, reaching out to people from all backgrounds.