Bullying can be verbal, emotional and physical.

Physical bullying involves, hitting, pushing, kicking, punching, threatening, aggression and violence.

Verbal bullying can be name calling, sarcasm, teasing and spreading rumours.

Emotional bullying includes any behaviour designed to ridicule, humiliate, torment or exclude.Sending abusive texts or emails, sharing private photos without permission or posting negative comments on social networking sites is known as ‘cyber bullying’.

Bullies often encourage others to witness, participate or gang up on the victim. This is a gross misuse of power and can result in lifelong struggles with depression and low self esteem. Being bullied can lead to school absences, poor academic achievement, isolation and possibly suicide.

Schools take bullying seriously and most have procedures to deal with incidents that occur. We can provide extra support and confidence building by helping you to learn assertiveness skills and repair self esteem.