Drugs and Alcohol

We provide a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment to talk about any concerns you may have. We also support families dealing with the effects of addiction and alcohol dependency. We can also signpost you to further specialist care if you require more intensive support.

Research suggests that children begin to develop an awareness of alcohol at a very early age and by the age of 5 they have already formed basic attitudes and opinions about alcohol.

Young People often experiment, challenge boundaries and take risks. Smoking, drinking and trying drugs is one of the most common ways in which young people do this. The teenage brain is primed to seek pleasure and engage in impulsive behaviours; the part of the brain that considers long term effects and outcomes is not yet fully developed.

Young People use drugs & alcohol for many different reasons.
• to be accepted and belong
• feel more confident
• peer pressure
• to feel more grown up.
• rebel
• boredom
• reduce stress (exam stress, relationship issues)
• cope with difficult feelings such as rejection or low self-esteem
• enjoy the sensation of getting drunk

Many young people use drugs particularly cannabis to ease stress & anxiety, this is known as ‘self medicating’.