Equine Therapy

Horses respond honestly and authentically to the energy of the individual and they do not solely rely on verbal communication. Equine Therapy enhances talking therapy as the horse’s gentle trusting response fosters a feeling of acceptance which makes it easier for the client to engage with their therapist.

Building Confidence
The simple practical tasks of feeding and caring for the horse, involve both touch and movement. This allows confidence to build in a number of ways; getting to know one’s own body, a sense of mastery through achieving small tasks and learning how our bodies communicate through the language of movement. This in turn builds trust and self-esteem. Grooming and riding involve rhythm which in turn encourages calm, deep breathing and relaxation.
Equine Therapy is used for a variety of presentations;

• Autistic Spectrum Disorders ( & Asperger Syndrome)
• Learning Disability
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Depression
• Anxiety