We first engaged with Lucinda at ASC when our son, (around 10 years of age at the time), was struggling at school with a lack of self confidence and showing some signs of OCD. Over the coming years, stronger symptoms of other challenges came to the fore and he was finally referred to a psychiatrist, at around 14, who confirmed Lucinda’s suspicions that our son was struggling with Aspergers Syndrome - this formal diagnosis came after our son had fallen out of mainstream education, having gone through some very dark days. As a family, we struggled to deal with the challenges before us, losing sight of the wider family unit, as our son became the focus of every waking minute.
Although the journey was tough for us all, Lucinda was the calm, supporting influence we all needed; she provided huge support to our son, helping him work through his challenges, so that he could better understand himself, his challenges, and those around him. Lucinda also referred me and my wife to Lesley Burrows, (also part of ASC), who helped us re-focus some attention on ourselves and provided useful context for us regarding our involvement in our son’s life and the ways in which we could be most effective at providing support to him.
I cannot thank Lucinda and ASC enough for the support and guidance they provided to us, and I know that our son, (who, beyond our wildest dreams, is now in his second year at university, living away from home in student accommodation) is equally grateful!